Kalligraphy Launch

Kalligraphy is a conscientious fashion brand which puts creative twists on cultural and calligraphic art to form meaningful and beautiful designs.


Kalligraphy combines NFTs with physical products. We will have fully integrated NFTs into our ecosystem and provide them with extensive and impactful utility.


Clothing collection launching soon!


Kalligraphy V2 NFT Launch

Scar NFT Features:

  • 1000 Unique designs
  • Claim physical product with your unique NFT design
  • 10% Charity donation
  • Legendary NFTs get 2% share of company with legal contract (Profits paid monthly)
  • Kalligraphy store discount (5%-50%)
  • License your NFT on our store and earn $
  • All holders receive % of voting rights
  • Legendary NFT holders can apply for seat on team board
  • Gas claim scheme – Claim back your minting gas fees (coming soon)
  • Airdrop of partnered upcoming NFT project
  • Airdrop of three partnered projects (tokens) 
  • NFT holders get airdrop of our next NFT launch
  • All NFT holders entered into monthly 1 ETH raffle 
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