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Cost: 0.02 ETH

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To celebrate the launch of our NFT minting, a reward competition has started!

Requirements Reward
Holders who mint at least 1 NFT
Exclusive avatar to use on social media
Holders who mint at least 5 NFTs
1 Kalligraphy 2nd Design NFT
First 2 holders who mint 25 NFTs
1 Legendary NFT each
All holders will be entered into raffle - Each NFT counts as 1 ticket
2 Prizes of 1 ETH


Scar is a collection of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) created from Zoo-morphic arabic calligraphy.

‘Scar’ represents the struggle with mental health. The design is made by transforming the quote into Scar.

1000 Unique Scar NFTs are generated from a variety of combinations and traits.

“The Strongest Hearts Have The Most Scars”

– “أقوى القلوب لديها أكثر الندوب”​


Legendary NFTs

Lucky holders who bag themselves a Legendary NFT* will own a 1% share of PROFITS for that design.
Paid out monthly

1% share of 500 physical ‘Scar’ products sold at $150 = $750 a month

*Starting from full launch of Kalligraphy

*No Cap to number of Legendary NFTs on minting

*Paid to the wallet that owns the NFT at payout snapshot date

*NFTs that qualify as Legendary can be found here

Physical Product

Each NFT you own allows you to redeem your unique NFT design into a physical product.*

*Starting from full launch of Kalligraphy

*Redeeming does not burn your NFT

*1 Redeem per NFT per X (to be determined)

Store Discount

A randomized hidden trait in each NFT provides a (%) discount at the Kalligraphy Store.


Starting at 5% to a maximum of 50%!


Charity Donation

Scar represents the struggle with Mental Health.

A 10% donation will be made to a Mental Health charity from all profits.

“The Strongest Hearts Have The Most Scars”

– “أقوى القلوب لديها أكثر الندوب”​

If you are struggling or have struggled with Mental Health please feel free to contact us for a chat or to share your story! Or visit United GMBH for professional guidance.


You will own a limited edition unique Kalligraphy NFT!


Only 1000 Scar NFTs are available!


All unique with different traits and combinations.


Hidden Feature

A game-changing special hidden feature to NFT holders which will be unlocked when:

  • The Scar collection is fully minted
  • Kalligraphy store has fully launched