Kalligraphy NFTs are the pre-launch of our retail store. We wanted to be a part of the NFT revolution and bring our designs and ideas to the space.

We packed our NFTs with utility and made NFTs directly intertwined with the Kalligraphy brand.

Legendary NFT holders will literally own % of profit!

Legendary NFTs

No limit

No cap on the number of possible Legendary NFTs that can be minted.

Passive Income

Each Legendary NFT will own 1% of Kalligraphy profits for the Scar Design. The profits will be paid out monthly after the fulfillment of two conditions:
– Launch of Kalligraphy Store
– Scar NFT collection being fully minted.


Each Legendary NFT will come with an animation. They will be extremely rare and very valuable. The benefit of the secret feature (to be revealed) will be greatly superior for Legendary NFTs!

The criteria for NFTs that qualify for Legendary status will be listed here at launch of NFT sale.

Physical Product

Owners of all Kalligraphy NFTs will be able to claim a physical product with the design of their unique NFT!

Kalligraphy clothing are all sustainable, high-quality luxury items.

Our products come in Luxury packaging with a personalised poster with your Scar NFT.

Store Discount

A randomised hidden (non-visible) trait in each NFT provides a varying discount to be used at the Kalligraphy store!

Ranging from 5-50% and refreshing every 6 months. The only discounts at Kalligraphy will be accessible to NFT holders only.

Discount of at Kalligraphy Store!

Special Feature

A special hidden feature for NFT holders wil be revealed at the full launch of the Kalligraphy Store.

This is a significant game-changing feature which will introduce immense utility to the NFT!

To track our progress, visit the About Us page.

Greater Cause

The foundation of Kalligraphy is built around introducing great designs with significant messages. Scar represents the struggle with Mental Health.

Other designs which will be revealed soon, also represent some significant real-word issue.

One of our principles is that we donate 10% to a charity matching the cause each design represents.

10% of profits from Scar will be donated to a Mental Health charity.


Each NFT is programmatically made by randomly combining different elements, colors and traits to produce your own Unique NFT.

A list of traits for all minted NFTs will be made available after all have been claimed.